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Mini Cabane Hi Matic Rates
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City Cabane Hi Matic Rates
From 119€ to 239€ > Book now
View Cabane Hi Matic Rates
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Family Room Hi Matic Rates
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For information:

  • Organic continental breakfast: 9€
  • Pet: 12€
  • City Tax: 1€ per day per person

Hi Fidelity

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You are definitely a Hi addict and we would like to thank you by giving you advantages that you can use and be part of the HI LIFE network.

This card doesn't propose a system of points which is contrary to our philosophy. All the HI addicts have the same advantages, we don't differentiate our loyal clients

HI FIDELITY allows you to also join to contemporary, ecological, touristic values and benefit at the same time of significant bonus.


advantages and conditions are subject to modification by the manager's decision.


  • -10% on the best rate available on HI booking
  • -10% discount on lunch/dinner at the restaurant (excluding Beverage)
  • -10% on the seasonal rate
  • Free cancellation until noon on arrival day *
  • -10% discount on SPA services and shops
  • Free access to the hammam
  • Access to private party+ 1 free cocktail
  • Chidren room free of charge *
  • VIP welcome
  • Upgrade *
  • Direct access through internet
  • Late check-out free until 15h *


  • 1st row sundecks 17€ instead of 27€ **
  • children sundecks free
  • -5% on drinks and restaurant
  • free Towel

* Off Season (1st November/31 March)
** upon available


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Hi Matic, from the mind of leading French designer matali crasset, breathes new spirit into a stay in Paris.

With its 42 cabin-rooms, Hi Matic blends the codes of the urban hotel and the cabin in the country. Economical, ecological and automatic, this warm cocoon in the heart of the city combines the best of the Japanese ryokan, the youth hostel and the rest-house.

Contemporary in its layout, warm in the art of living it offers, accessible in terms of price, and sincere in its environmental conception, Hi Matic meets the current need for quality lodgings in the city centre, ideal for those with a green attitude.


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Modular cabins

As you explore the rooms, what strikes you is the feeling that you can immediately make them your own.
They are modelled after cabins. Everything possible is done to make spending time in them pleasant. The modules let you play with the space. It’s the experience of living on the ground that provides this freedom. Nothing occupies the walls: the cabin is a structure unto itself that offers every functionality. The bed is set on a platform with its made-to-order memory-foam mattress. At night it is a huge and especially comfortable bed for sleeping; during the day, it is a sofa where you can entertain guests, relax or work. This freedom of action lets you make your room your own, just like a children’s playhouse.

Mini Cabane

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City Cabane

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View Cabane

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Family Room

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Hi matic food

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A genuine energetic breakfast and 100% organic, kindly served on an arranged airplane meal tray. The buffet system is no longer required. Quality is above quantity. Through an automatic vending machine, providing exclusively organic products, whenever snack or sip a drink, settle in on the large table or inside your room. Easy-going… Feel free and… enjoy !

Hi shop matic

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This is the 24/24 user-friendly machine. A selection of ready-to-use items, appealing and practical : unusual tour guides, selected books ans Cds, toothbrushes, or travel kits, all the must-have traveller items.

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The lobby and the breakfast room

As soon as you arrive, you are surrounded by the atmosphere of the famous German label Kompakt and you are transported by the music and the smell of essential oils. The lobby and the breakfast room are made for encounters, meetings and tips exchanged before discovering the city. You can see each other, leave each other messages, adresses, ideas of nice places. The Ipad is at your disposal for perusing and listening to the selection made for HI by Michael Mayer, Kompakt’s founder and also access all the useful informations. Of course, in the Himatic wifi is everywhere and free of charge.


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Hi loves ecology

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Hi Shop

Hi Gift

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Hi life’s gift voucher

You can offer your close ones an unforgettable experience in the HI universe
A week-end in Nice at the HI hotel, a week in Tunisia at DAR HI, a massage in our Hi Body spa or simply a lunch at the HI beach...
Choose the gift or the amount you wish and send the voucher directly

Hi loves music

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 HI TEN  //  La Baleine   > Commander le HI TEN album 

L’hôtel Hi est un hôtel design et urbain, haut de gamme en rupture avec les codes traditionnels du luxe. Créé à l’initiative de Patrick Elouarghi et Philippe Chapelet imaginé par matali crasset, une des plus grandes designers mondiales.

Cette année, l’hôtel Hi fête ses 10 ans

La musique électronique fait partie intégrante de la vie et du concept.
HI RADIO est programmée par KOMPAKT, un des labels de musique les plus prestigieux au monde.

A l occasion de l’anniversaire des 10 ans du HI : Paul Nazca et Maxime Dangles, djs artistes confirmés, qui font partie de la nouvelle garde de l'électronique Française ont crée un album : HI TEN

> Cliquez ici pour la suite

 Acheter sur  //  Acheter sur Amazon 

 HI!H by Frédéric Galliano  //  HI shop   > Commander le Hi!By Frédéric Galliano 

Considered for its innovative character the “HI shop” allows customers to buy all kinds of products related to the hotel’s atmosphere. Hi became the first hotel to produce a music album under its own label HI-print: HI!H by Frédéric Galliano.

Frédéric Galliano is a music passionate since his teenage days. At that time he had already acquired a wide cultural musical taste, such as Latino, jazz and Kraftwerk’s electronic preludes at the end of the 70’s.

> Cliquez ici pour la suite

Hi loves Kompakt

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 TOTAL 14  //  Kompakt   > Commander TOTAL 14 

With TOTAL 14, our extremely popular compilation series returns to the fore after its sabbatical in 2013; a well-needed break from the routine that was put to good use, resulting in one of the most riveting instalments in the series yet. Both veteran and freshman artists were chosen for an exhaustive overview of past label exploits, including powerful cuts from the likes of DAUWD, KÖLSCH, BLOND:ISH, MICHAEL MAYER or THE FIELD - but this wouldn't be TOTAL without the exclusive stuff, so we're more than happy to add a generous serving of brandnew tracks from SUPERPITCHER, SASCHIENNE, WEVAL, THOMAS/MAYER, VOIGT & VOIGT, THE MODERNIST and JÜRGEN PAAPE.

> Read more

Hi loves le Buisson

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 HI Matic
71 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris France

Phone: 01 43 67 56 56
Fax: 01 43 67 03 19

For any information or booking help
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